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Create relevant search experiences with NoCode, JavaScript UI components or REST APIs.

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Relevant Search

Build relevant search experiences with appbase.io's control plane and REST APIs.

Relevant Search
Create Relevant Search

Create relevant search experiences with appbase.io's control plane. Update language, search and result settings, synonyms and more with no-code.

Extend Search With Rules

Use query rules and functions to extend the power of relevant search. Promote or hide a result, modify the search query or define your own custom logic.

Declarative APIs and Libraries

Use appbase.io's declarative REST APIs and React/Vue/React Native component libraries to programmatically create relevant search experiences.

Relevant Search

Actionable Analytics

Measure and optimize the business impact of your search

Searches > Clicks > Conversions

Understand the funnel of search, clicks and conversions. Drill down into each to understand what's working and what needs improvement.

Tailored to your needs

With custom events and analytics APIs, you can customize, extend and integrate the search analytics anywhere.

Get Actionable Insights

Actionable insights delivered monthly to your inbox to improve your search performance.

Access Control

Build out of the box secure search experiences

Relevant Search
Set granular access controls

Create multiple special purpose API keys. Restrict by IPs, HTTP Referers, and define access and rate limits for each API category.

Enable single sign-on

Enable role based access with single sign-on. Integrate with identity providers such as Auth0, Firebase, Azure AD and AWS Cognito.

Developed in open

Appbase.io's security architecture is available under an open-source Apache 2.0 license and developed in the open.

UI kits

Build Search UIs

Industry leading UI kits for building delightful search experiences ★ 4,264 stars    ↓ 1,000,000 downloads

4,000+ Github stars

appbase.io's UI kits are industry leading, open-source licensed under Apache 2.0, and actively maintained.

Build better and ship faster

Build delightful search experiences in record time. Join the 1,000+ projects using it in production.

Available for your favorite JS stack

React, Vue, Vanilla JavaScript, React Native - we have got 'em all covered.

Deploy Your Way

Run appbase.io as a cloud service, with an existing Elasticsearch cluster or host it yourself.

Cloud Service

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Bring Your Elasticsearch

Already using Elasticsearch? Run appbase.io alongside.


Run appbase.io as a Docker container or a Linux image on your cloud or on premise.

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