Elasticsearch consulting and training with appbase.io

Search Expert as a Service

Accelerate implementations and optimize search RoI with the best search guidance team you can hire with a SaaS pricing model.

Program Highlights

Deploy Faster

Integrate our analytics library (REST API or JS) in minutes to start recording search, clicks, conversions and custom events.

Dedicated Support

Chat and setup 1:1 calls with our team for guidance on ongoing optimizations tailored for your use-case.

Flexible Timetable

Blend of live and pre-recorded sessions to make it easy to schedule consulting for your build and team.

Get Weekly Insights

Curated weekly reports with unique insights from our team for your specific search use-case.

How Pricing Works

Get a 20% discount with an annual commitment

Min 3-mo commitment
$999 / month
  • Access to the entire appbase.io product suite (build, measure, secure)
  • For up to 1MM monthly search queries.
Advanced guidance and support
Contact Us
  • Pricing based on volume
  • Phone support
  • Dedicated implementation engineer

The Work Process

Ranking strategy guidance

Handle multi-lingual search

Identify search content gaps

Help with query formulation

Spot issues with analyzers

Insights on indexing strategy

Guidance on UI/Ux issues hurting search engagement

Insights into slow queries and how to optimize them

Insights into search security vulnerabilities

Relevance tuning guidance

Record custom analytics

ReactiveSearch guidance

Guidance on embedding analytics

Guidance on integration with external analytics tools

Guidance on setting up A/B tests for accelerating the search ROI

Get a Personalized Search Evaluation Report

Answer this 2-mins survey to get a personalized evaluation on your current search technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find an answer? Ask us in the chat here or e-mail us directly at search-advise@appbase.io

Primarily, using a data-driven approach, we measure your search baseline and provide insights into how to optimize your search on an ongoing basis. However, think of us as an extension of your team - we can help your team with all things search.

Advise - our search expert as a service is powered by the team that has built appbase.io - the leading app search platform for ElasticSearch. We're also authors of Dejavu and ReactiveSearch - leading open-source dev tools for building search with over 10,000 Github stars and over 1MM downloads.

We believe in being aligned with our customers. If you aren't satisfied with our baseline report and optimization insights in the first 14-days of purchasing the subscription, you can cancel and we will provide a 100% refund. Any cancelation outside of this window won't be refundable.

Unlike building search, understanding the search ROI and optimizing for it is a data-driven exercise. Our approach to this is driven by a combination of using the appbase.io platform (for building search, measuring analytics and securing search) as well as the expertise within our team to provide tailored insights and guidance for improving the search performance, engagement, and conversions.

You don't need to an existing appbase.io customer to make use of this service. If you are using Elasticsearch today with AWS, Elastic.co, QBox, Bonsai, another 3rd party service or have set it up yourself, you can still make use of this.