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Build rich, flexible and secure search experiences in record time with's industry-leading web and mobile UI kits.

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Deliver a Responsive & Scalable Search UX

Integrate Search Seamlessly

Cross-platform UI components and libraries to integrated search anywhere. Dashboard GUIs to import and browse data, view API logs.

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Build Relevant Search

Controls to create a multi-language, typo tolerant, relevant search experience. Merchandise, add synonyms, create query rules, show popular suggestions and more.

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Secure Search with Access Controls

Build secure search experiences with fine-grained access policies using API credentials, user management and Role Based Acces Control (RBAC).

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Actionable Analytics

Measure the business impact of search with popular search terms, CTRs, conversions, and more. Use insights to optimize the ROI of search.

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Deployment Flexibility

Run in cloud, bring your own Elasticsearch or self-host - the choice is yours.

Our awesome features

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